Econ Club Schedule

Spring 2023

Bi-weekly Mondays 6pm @ Shaw-Smyser 205

Spring 2022

Bi-weekly Thursdays 5:30pm @ Shaw-Smyser 205

For hybrid meetings, use the following Zoom link.

Join us 6 PM TUE 4-19-2022 to talk about your financial future! We are proud to have Danielle Brandli (CB grad 2015) with us to talk about benefit packages in the job search process: what to pay attention to, and what can be negotiated, etc. Danielle Brandli is a CFP® and Wealth Advisor at Merriman Wealth Management in the Greater Seattle Area. Danielle graduated from CWU’s College of Business in 2015 and is an advocate for work-life balance and professional mentorship. Danielle is excited to share about the ins and outs of benefit packages when job hunting as a new professional.

Ashley Masters, a CWU alum who graduated with a BS in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and a BS in Economics, will be speaking in a collaboration meeting with Women in Business and Econ Club. She currently works at Microsoft and has ever since she graduated in 2020. She is also currently pursuing her MBA at WSU. She is currently a Business Program Manager there and has worked the entirety of her career in the virtual setting due to the pandemic.

While working virtually Ashley has figured out the ins and outs of virtual professionalism in the work place and would like to speak on how presenting ourself matters even virtually whether it’s through professional emails or through zoom etiquette (when to be muted, when to speak up during meetings, etc).